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• 2020 •

More Power Better Design

The Clarkson-Alva Energy System (CAES) generates power 24 hours a day, unlike part time energy producers like solar panels or wind turbines. This advancement in alternative energy technologies allows for greater power output while also meeting demand when demand is high. In other words, no more brown outs, no more black outs, and no more lights being shut off.

Compare to Part Time Technologies

The CAES is more powerful and more efficient than any current form of alternative energy on the market today, all while generating power 24 hours a day. This means that it produces more power, utilizing fewer resources. The CAES also generates a greater Return On Investment (ROI) than either solar, wind, kinetic or wave technologies. Of course the CAES also produces zero emissions of any kind, including any environment damaging CO2.

Customizable Design

The CAES can be utlitized for residential, wholesale, commercial, isolated, micro-grid, and even full scale power production. Our technology can be designed to fit any situation that requires energy production. Our patent pending technology can be utilized above ground, below ground, inside or outside a building, and requires no external environmental conditions to operate. This allows for a truly customizable experience.

CAES Award Winning Technology

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